The pictures above show Lavender Ameraucanas being mothered by a little white silkie, babies growing up and one of the flocks. These have been assembled from many wonderful lines and are just beautiful.... The egg picture shows lavender ameraucana eggs next to marans eggs.

Lavender Orpingtons are so Beautiful.  Our stock many generations ago came from Hinkjc lines.  I am always fascinated by their beautiful lavender coloring and fluffly friendliness.  These are not the size of common Buff Orpingtons.   They are much bigger.   Love the hen who raised out lavendar orps & other chicks!

Just two of our large flock of Heritage Delaware flock!   Just lovely, no hatchery birds here!  They are a wonderful dual purpose farm animal and some of the most gentle large fowl poultry we have had!

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